The Procurement Executive Committee (PEC) functions as the executive body of the Procurement Division. It determines the Division’s objectives, policies, and major courses of action and means of implementing such objectives and policies.

The PEC is composed of the following members of the Division: the PEC Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary; the Contract Finance Committee Chair and Vice-Chair; the Contract and Acquisition Management Committee Chair and Vice-Chair; the Legal Committee Chair and Vice-Chair; the Government Property Management Systems Committee Chair and Vice-Chair; previous Chairs of the PEC; ten (10) members-at-large elected from the Division membership, and as ex-officio members past Chairs of the committees previously enumerated.

Topics: Procurement

NDIA Contact

Division Contact

Matt Popham
Chair, Procurement Division
E-mail: matthew.b.popham@leidos.com
Michael Anstett
Vice Chair, Procurement Division
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, LLP
E-mail: Michael.anstett@friedfrank.com
Jamie Sybert
Secretary, Procurement Division
Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC
E-mail: Jamie.Sybert@us.gt.com

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