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Defense professionals need the right tools to do their jobs. No matter what your role is in the defense community — government, military, industry, academia — you need a source for knowledge, information, and contacts. NDIA membership will meet that need. Lifetime, free government and allied-nation individual memberships are available. As an individual member, you can take advantage of the following membership benefits:

NDIA Connect

NDIA Connect, an online community providing broad resources for defense professionals, is the newest member benefit of the National Defense Industrial Association and its Affiliates. Members have 24/7 access to the platform with general and specialized communities, discussion threads, document libraries, and expanded collaboration functionalities. Login at

Member-Only Events and Webinars

Member-only webinars on topics of interest to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Leveraging the insight and engagement of our Strategy & Policy Team, these webinars cover topics ranging from Foreign Military Sales, to Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution, to the Federal Acquisition Regulations, to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.


NDIA’s technical and policy symposia connect you to the core of the industry. By attending, you will meet and hear from the movers and shakers in the field, and you will increase contact with peers who share your interests. Defense professionals from the public and private sectors rely on these programs for information straight from the experts and for making contacts in industry and government. Members are eligible to register for NDIA symposia at member rates.

Chapter Networking

Our Chapters located throughout the nation offer members local networking opportunities. Typical Chapter programs introduce you to leaders in industry and government close to your home. When you join NDIA, you will automatically be assigned to the Chapter located closest to you.


The more knowledge the individuals in your company have, the better they meet the needs of your customers. NDIA equips you with information you can use.

National DefenseMagazine

NDIA membership includes a monthly subscription to our award-winning magazine, National Defense, which covers defense programs, policy, business, science, and technology.

Weekly Insider

Weekly Insider, an e-newsletter, provides news and analysis for industry and government professionals. It includes breaking news and full-length features published by National Defense Magazine and its wide array of contributors.

Defense Watch

Defense Watch, a monthly e-newsletter, delivers top defense industry-related headlines right to industry and government professionals. Each issue features the current news and event info needed for readers to stay ahead of the information curve.


Regardless of the business climate, defense spending, procurement, and acquisition always draw concerns. NDIA members know that they have a place to voice concerns about issues and a champion in Washington to work with Congress and the Executive Branch on industry issues and to guide legislation and policy.

The Association serves as an advocate for a variety of issues, including; supporting the development of a national security strategy for the 21st century; Department of Defense modernization; better training and logistics; acquisition process improvement; export-control reform; and defense workforce revitalization.

Other Benefits

Members have access to National and Enterprise Rent-a-Car discounts. To book your car at the member rate, visit Enterprise.comFor the discount code, contact

Global access to financial services from member-owned Pentagon Federal Credit Union:

Lifetime Individual Membership

Committing to lifetime membership is a reliable way to stay in the defense industry mainstream. Plus, you will have the assurance of knowing that you make a difference by helping the Association influence future directions. When you become a lifetime member, you associate yourself with an influential group of people who share your commitment to strengthening defense through industrial and technological prowess. Together, a stronger voice arises before the public and government. You will be part of a select group committed for more than eight decades to the same values as yours.

As a lifetime member, you can expect:

  • Lifetime protection from future dues increases;
  • A special lapel pin and membership card to distinguish you as one of the Association's most committed members;
  • A certificate of lifetime membership;
  • Savings in time and cost; and
  • A lifetime subscription to National Defense Magazine so that you can remain informed about defense industry trends.

Please note that existing members may upgrade to lifetime membership. Lifetime memberships are not transferable.

Allied Nation Individual Membership

NDIA's president may confer allied individual membership on individuals who are citizens of: (1) Nations belonging to NATO; (2) Japan, Australia or New Zealand; (3) Nations with which the United States maintains a reciprocal procurement agreement; or (4) Nations with which the US Department of Defense has specifically requested the Association to conduct meetings and improve communications on an industry-to-industry basis. Allied individual members may participate as non-voting members in the activities of NDIA Chapters, subject to any restrictions that may be placed on such participation by the U.S. government. In Chapters located outside of the 50 United States, allied members may participate as individual voting members in Chapter activities.

Free Government Individual Membership

Government employees and active duty military can join NDIA for free for three years. This membership package does not apply to contractors, including PTACs and FFRDCs, or state university employees.

Individual Membership Application

NDIA (and NTSA and WID within NDIA) is a 501(c)(3) organization. Payments may be deductible as charitable contributions (less the value of any goods or services received) or as business expenses. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your payment.


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